There are creative people, and then there are really creative people. Sami is definitely the latter. He is one of the most talented creatives we’ve met to date. At Kapok Marketing, Sami is one of our go-to people for content marketing and graphic design. But wait, there’s more. Sami is also super smart and a really solid person. In addition to his Bachelor’s of Art in Environmental Studies from Eckerd College, he’s currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Engineering Management with Arizona State University. For funsies, Sami likes to play basketball, go fly fishing, and play his guitar.

Posts by Sami:

How to Make Your Own Logo

First, let us clarify that if you don’t have the design or software skills necessary to do this on your own, you’re going to be much better off hiring a professional to help you make your logo. This post is merely a guide of the logo-making process from start to finish. It should give you […]

How Much Should a Logo Cost?

Just like any product that you pay for, the price and quality of a logo are closely related. There are situations where you can find high-quality logos for very low prices. And there are also situations where you end up overpaying for an underwhelming logo design. A logo should cost what it’s worth. Now, what […]

Why Do I Need a Logo?

A logo is the imagery you think of when you think about a brand. By definition, it’s a combination of text and graphics that represent a business. But a logo does much more than that. In Logo Design Love, David Airey tells us that “people often choose products based on their perceived value rather than […]

What is Marketing?

After numerous conversations with small business owners and entrepreneurs about what aspects of business fall under the marketing umbrella, we realized that it may be a good idea to explore what marketing really is. Let’s start with the basics. What exactly is marketing? Is it television commercials and radio ads? Is it glossy magazine ads? […]

The Most Important Characteristics of a Great Logo

If you don’t have a solid logo for your brand in today’s competitive marketing world, then Houston, we have a problem. While some text and an image are technically considered a logo, it doesn’t mean that it’s a great logo. A logo is a visual representation that serves as the first impression of your brand […]

Top 4 Reasons Why Your Online Reputation Matters

Reputation matters. The credibility of your brand and business builds an essential trust factor between you and your customers so that they’ll be inclined to choose you over your competitors. Whether it’s selling designer shoes or providing a speedy oil-change, a growing business finds continued success by building a great reputation. But what about your […]