Mirela is a marketing and management expert with extensive experience in online and traditional marketing, management, and strategic planning. She has an undergraduate degree in Management/Marketing and an MBA from the University of South Florida. She has a deep understanding of online customer acquisition techniques, including social media engagement, relationship management, and exceptional customer service. Most of Mirela’s approach to marketing and business strategy is based on two principles. First, all people have 99.5 percent of their DNA in common, and second everyone has the same goal in life – to survive. She believes that this 99.5 percent allows each business to connect with any potential client. The remaining 0.5 percent makes each person unique, and Mirela shows businesses how to use this to build long-lasting customer relationships.

Posts by Mirela:

Even eBay Has Identity Problems

Most people think of eBay.com as a huge website where you can buy anything under the blue sky. In fact, according to Alexa.com, eBay is the 7th largest website in the United States. But even a powerhouse like eBay comes to a point when things start to crumble a bit. The current success of Amazon […]

Why are Customers Always Right?

Gone are the days of mass-market advertising that appealed to homogenized tastes and offered few product choices. Companies now focus on the total customer experience. We not only want our customers/clients to be satisfied, but we also want them to be so satisfied that they always choose us over our competitors. This is when we […]

10 Tips for Negotiating with Potential Clients

As human beings and perpetual competitors in the game of life, we are regularly faced with personal and professional challenges. A good chunk of those challenges are disputes and negotiations with other human beings. The struggle is to get what we want while keeping our image and reputation in tact.

5 Must Have Tools for Online Marketing

  Online marketing, including social media, is a game of finding the ideal balance between quantity and quality. The goal is to have the most relevant content and reach as many people as possible while spending as little money as possible. Then, of course, tracking the results. All of that sounds great and dandy until it […]