Jake is a developer and information genius with over a decade of impressively diverse experience in a myriad of technical and business fields. He has a Business degree in Decision and Information Sciences from the University of Florida. Jake has worked on the IT and online marketing aspects of every imaginable type of business venture. Some of the niches he has worked on include: local luxury retailers and service providers, high-volume e-commerce stores, niche social networking websites, and other high-traffic sites. He can help plan and create anything from a simple single page corporate presence site up to a totally customized and secure site that can handle millions of daily visitors. Jake is also a business data analytics ninja that takes advantage of every possible marketing and advertising metric that can be used to optimize a site’s online marketing and advertising.

Posts by Jake:

If You’re Not Tracking You’re Losing

If you want to truly understand your customers and be the absolute best in your industry, you need to track and keep track of as many data points, or pieces of information, within your business as possible. If you’re not, you really are losing out on information, customers, and worst of all, sales.

What is Twitter for?

Twitter can be a confusing and enigmatic site for a new user or business. The basic idea is to “follow” people or businesses who interest you and encourage others to “follow” you. As a local business, your best bet is to follow other local businesses and personalities and their followers. A certain percentage will reciprocate by […]