Jake is a developer and information genius with over a decade of impressively diverse experience in a myriad of technical and business fields. He has a Business degree in Decision and Information Sciences from the University of Florida. Jake has worked on the IT and online marketing aspects of every imaginable type of business venture. Some of the niches he has worked on include: local luxury retailers and service providers, high-volume e-commerce stores, niche social networking websites, and other high-traffic sites. He can help plan and create anything from a simple single page corporate presence site up to a totally customized and secure site that can handle millions of daily visitors. Jake is also a business data analytics ninja that takes advantage of every possible marketing and advertising metric that can be used to optimize a site’s online marketing and advertising.

Posts by Jake:

Why Online Reviews Are Important for Small Businesses

Why Online Reviews Are Important for Small Businesses Many areas of digital marketing are important, but a few things stand out as absolutely critical. Reviews are one of these must-haves if you hope to succeed in any meaningful way with your online marketing. Encouraging good online reviews is probably second only to creating a website […]

Top 5 Marketing Budget Tips for Small Businesses

The number one thing most business owners want to know about marketing is how to cut their costs. But this is the absolute wrong way to look at marketing! Marketing is not just an expense. It’s a driver of revenue. A better method is to consider the return on investment (ROI) of each marketing expense. […]

Why Podcasting is Important and Powerful

Before you get worried, we’re not going to suggest you start your own podcast. Actually, we will, but only if you’re ready to embark on the journey. If you’re not we have several other great tips to capitalize on the podcast revolution. At Kapok Marketing, we have our own podcast entitled Kickin’ it with Kapok. […]

What is Responsive Web Design?

When getting a website for your business, you can quickly get confused by all of the different terminology used to describe designing a website. Responsive web design is one such concept you may have heard from some web designers. A website that is built using responsive web design is responsive, or reacts, to the device […]