Jake is a developer and information genius with over a decade of impressively diverse experience in a myriad of technical and business fields. He has a Business degree in Decision and Information Sciences from the University of Florida. Jake has worked on the IT and online marketing aspects of every imaginable type of business venture. Some of the niches he has worked on include: local luxury retailers and service providers, high-volume e-commerce stores, niche social networking websites, and other high-traffic sites. He can help plan and create anything from a simple single page corporate presence site up to a totally customized and secure site that can handle millions of daily visitors. Jake is also a business data analytics ninja that takes advantage of every possible marketing and advertising metric that can be used to optimize a site’s online marketing and advertising.

Posts by Jake:

Top 8 Things You Need To Know About Blogging as a Business

Blogging is popular. It’s a great content marketing strategy for lots of businesses. But it can be scary if you’re just getting started. It can also be frustrating when it doesn’t work how you expected. Let’s look at the top eight things we think every business needs to know about blogging. Some of them might […]

What is Omnichannel Marketing?

If you listen to digital marketing gurus, you know that omnichannel marketing is critical to your success as a business. But is it really? There certainly is a lot of buzz surrounding the idea of omnichannel. What does it mean and why is it important for a business trying to succeed with digital marketing? Omnichannel […]

What You Can Learn About Marketing from Fyre Festival

Everyone has heard about the colossal failure of Fyre Festival. It was billed as a “luxury music festival.” It was held on a private island. It was promoted by prominent social media influencers. People paid over $10,000 to attend. The USA Today reported, based on narratives on Twitter, it was akin to the Lord of […]

How Anyone Can Write a Great Blog Post

Does the idea of writing a blog post seem overwhelming? For many without any writing experience, it can seem almost impossible. It’s really not as difficult as it seems if you follow a few simple steps. Plus, blogging is a great way to build yourself and your business up as an authority figure in your […]

Why Is Marketing So Expensive?

Marketing is expensive for one simple reason, because it’s at the core of making money for all businesses. This may seem counterintuitive to some, but marketing is not just an expense. It is what drives revenue for all of the most successful businesses. One of your business goals is hopefully to generate a certain amount […]