A recent Eckerd College graduate, Andrea joined our team as one of our Administrative & Marketing Assistants in October 2017. In addition to her passion for business and marketing, Andrea is one of the strongest writers on our team. She can write. She can write really, really well. We are actually nervous that this bio will not live up to her writing standards. Andrea is our go-to person for social media content, blog posts and client support. When she is not going hard at the office, Andrea likes to read, play sand volleyball, and spend time with her family and friends. She also likes to treat herself with a Snickers bar every now and then.

Posts by Andrea:

Protect Your Business from Copyright Infringement

When it is as easy as a click of a button to share content online, we tend to forget that copyright laws exist, but the potential of copyright infringement is very real and can greatly impact your small business. Copyright laws and regulations are especially confusing on social media because it is relatively new and […]

How to Share User Generated Content on Social Media

Small businesses rely heavily on building connections with their customers and the best way to do so is by making your brand appear more human. Creating a brand that feels personable can be achieved by sharing your customers’ experiences using your products or enjoying your services, but what if we told you that you don’t […]

How to Get Killer Media Coverage: Tips from Bay News 9

Like many small businesses, we are always looking to gain media coverage for our brand and the brands we represent. Writing a press release and emailing a pitch to journalists may seem easy enough, but according to our friends from Bay News 9, your pitch can be improved by following a few additional guidelines.

Who is Your Target Market?

You have launched your business, created your product or service, and now it is time to sell. If you build it, they will come, right? Not exactly. If you do not promote your business, you will not attract consumers. But more importantly, you won’t attract the right consumers if you do not market your brand […]

How to Correctly Pitch a Press Release to Journalists

After constructing a well written press release comes the hard part—pitching it to journalists who may be interested in covering your story. Press releases are formal announcements of company news used to inform local media groups. The goal of sending a press release is to get media coverage for your company’s event or launch. Even […]

How To Write a Press Release Journalists Will Read

If you’re planning an event, launching a product, or introducing anything new to your consumers, you need to spread the word. Social media and online advertising will do just that, but you need something formal and detailed, known as a press release, that can be sent to prominent businesses and media groups. Although many people […]