About Us

Kapok Marketing is an entrepreneurship consultancy and owner of a multi-brand portfolio of online businesses. Our office is located in St. Petersburg, Florida, but we consult entrepreneurs nationwide — in person or virtually.

We really enjoy working with entrepreneurs in the Tampa Bay area, because it is our home and we love the local business community.

When we're not consulting with other entrepreneurs, you'll find us working on in-house passion projects with our amazing team.


To connect and help people in business.


To bring life to business.

Core Values

Valuing individual originality, honesty, uniqueness and representation.
Harnessing the power of human connection to move forward and produce meaningful results.
Approaching each day with the intent to learn something new.
Being non-judgemental, compassionate, generous and helpful toward ourselves and everyone around us.
Delivering services as promised.
Delivering services when expected.
Helping each other achieve individual and team goals
Giving each team member the necessary tools and opportunities to reach their full potential.
Recovering and learning from difficult situations through perseverance and human will to move forward.
Doing things that are enjoyable and make our team feel happy.
Being mindful of each team member's physical and mental health needs.
Treating everyone with dignity and equality, without exceptions.
Hard work.
Doing what it takes to get things done on time and to the highest standard, without seeking perfection.
Keeping an open mind to new possibilities and different points of view.
Dedicating time and effort toward projects that propel the company forward and in tune with the current flow of the world.


Jacob Braun

Jacob Braun


Jake is a developer and information genius with over a decade of impressively diverse experience in a myriad of technical and business fields. He has a Business degree in Decision and Information Sciences from the University of Florida. Jake has worked on the IT and online marketing aspects of every imaginable type of business venture.

Some of the niches he has worked on include: local luxury retailers and service providers, high-volume e-commerce stores, niche social networking websites, and other high-traffic sites. He can help plan and create anything from a simple single page corporate presence site up to a totally customized and secure site that can handle millions of daily visitors.

Jake is also a business data analytics ninja that takes advantage of every possible marketing and advertising metric that can be used to optimize a site's online marketing and advertising.

Mirela Setkic

Mirela Setkic


Mirela is a marketing and business management expert. Her areas of expertise are human resources, management, marketing and strategic planning. She has an undergraduate degree in Management (minor in Marketing) and an MBA from the University of South Florida.

The guiding principle of Mirela's approach to business is the fact that all humans are 99.9% identical in their genetic makeup and have the same goal in life - to survive (and thrive). The remaining .1% is what makes each person unique in their own way. The same principle can be applied to businesses.

In her non-work time, Mirela likes to read, eat, walk, socialize, travel and watch true-crime shows. Her favorite books are Anna Karenina, The Infinite Game, Every Man Dies Alone, Go Tell It on the Mountain and The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

Mirela's motto is: If it's not a hell yes, it's a no.