How Marketing is Often Misunderstood by Business Owners

Marketing is an often misunderstood field. This is true even among very skilled entrepreneurs who know exactly what marketing is. Let’s talk about some of the most common marketing misconceptions. Advertising is Marketing This is probably the biggest misconception because advertising has been the most widely known type of marketing over the years. Think about […]

Every Small Business Needs a Budget

Budgeting may not be one of the more glamorous aspects of running your business, but it is a crucial element to running a successful business. By having a budget, you have a frame of reference to use as a guide throughout the period of time your budget covers. Your budget helps you have a solid […]

Protect Your Business from Copyright Infringement

When it is as easy as a click of a button to share content online, we tend to forget that copyright laws exist, but the potential of copyright infringement is very real and can greatly impact your small business. Copyright laws and regulations are especially confusing on social media because it is relatively new and […]

Why Your Small Business Needs a Plan

Do you think you need a formal business plan to start or grow your business? The answer is that it depends. The usefulness and necessity of writing a complex and formal business plan is a hotly debated topic among entrepreneurs. However, every business does need a plan of some sort. Even if that plan is […]

Why Your Small Business Should Start a Blog

If you are a small business owner you might be wondering if having a blog would be beneficial or not. The answer is yes. Having a blog is very beneficial for a small business for many different reasons. A blog is a great way to drive traffic to your business’s website, find new customers for […]

Why Your Small Business Needs a Goal

Let’s start with a hopefully obvious premise: anyone that wants to succeed needs a goal. This should be obvious, because the goal is just the desired result that defines the success of the entity in question. Put another way, you cannot succeed without a goal to succeed at. So, the success of a person, business, […]

8 Tips for Optimizing Your Website’s SEO

While most business owners and marketers have been approached by someone trying to sell them search engine optimization (SEO) services, there is still some confusion about what SEO is and how businesses should approach it. In most general terms, SEO is the process of how your website is organically ranked on the search engine results […]

How to Share User Generated Content on Social Media

Small businesses rely heavily on building connections with their customers and the best way to do so is by making your brand appear more human. Creating a brand that feels personable can be achieved by sharing your customers’ experiences using your products or enjoying your services, but what if we told you that you don’t […]

Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

If you are wondering whether or not your small business should have a website, the answer is yes. Regardless of what industry you are in or whether or not you are a product or service based business, you need a website. You need to be where your customers are, which is on the internet. Before […]