Top 7 Reasons Small Business Budgets Fail

Budgeting is a crucial aspect of running a small business. It may seem more fun to operate with a fly by the seat of your pants mentality. But that can get a business in trouble fast, especially when you’re just getting started or if cash is tight. Even when you have a budget, things can […]

What is Content Marketing and Why is It Important?

It’s almost 2019. Like most businesses, you’re probably thinking about and plotting how to do a better job marketing your business in the coming year. There has to be something that your competition is not doing well and that you can beat them at. You’re right. There is. Chances are that your competitors aren’t doing […]

How to Get a Website for Your Local Business

Absolutely every local business must have a website. There is really no excuse for a business to skip this step given the rise in popularity and importance of digital marketing. As mentioned in a previous post about digital marketing, you could be losing anywhere between a half and a third of potential customers by having […]

How to Send a Press Release to a Journalist

The best known tactic to get media coverage for your business’ latest achievement or event is to write a press release. A good press release requires research, an attention catching headline and clear, concise writing, but that’s not all. It doesn’t matter how well written a press release is if it ends up in the […]

Don’t Waste Money on Digital Marketing!

Marketing is a crucial expense for all businesses, but you need to ensure you are not wasting money on marketing. This is doubly true for digital marketing where plenty of unscrupulous vendors can run your budget dry with useless endeavors and other unneeded expenses. One of the key aspects to prevent wasteful spending it to […]

How to Use Digital Marketing to Grow Your Business

Technology and industry standards are constantly changing. Business development and branding strategies have evolved from traditional marketing methods to search engines and social media. So what is digital marketing and how can you use it to get more customers though your door? Let’s begin by covering the definition of marketing. According to Webster’s Dictionary, marketing […]

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a term that is often used very loosely. Broadly speaking, digital marketing can be any marketing that directly or indirectly involves digital technologies. More often it refers to marketing that takes unique advantage of advancing technologies and information systems. The most prevalent and notable being the Internet. It can also alternatively be […]