Why Do I Need a Logo?

A logo is the imagery you think of when you think about a brand. By definition, it’s a combination of text and graphics that represent a business. But a logo does much more than that. In Logo Design Love, David Airey tells us that “people often choose products based on their perceived value rather than […]

5 Digital Marketing Things You Must Do in 2019

There are 12 days left of 2018. That’s fewer than two weeks! If you’re like most business owners, you’re thinking about your goals for 2019. We had a feeling, so we did some research to make the process easier for you. We’re sharing all the homework assignment answers with you. To make things even easier, […]

What is Marketing?

After numerous conversations with small business owners and entrepreneurs about what aspects of business fall under the marketing umbrella, we realized that it may be a good idea to explore what marketing really is. Let’s start with the basics. What exactly is marketing? Is it television commercials and radio ads? Is it glossy magazine ads? […]

Why Online Reviews Are Important for Small Businesses

Why Online Reviews Are Important for Small Businesses Many areas of digital marketing are important, but a few things stand out as absolutely critical. Reviews are one of these must-haves if you hope to succeed in any meaningful way with your online marketing. Encouraging good online reviews is probably second only to creating a website […]