7 of the Best Local Hashtag Campaigns

  Hashtag campaigns are a great way for your business or brand to increase awareness and gather user-generated content. By creating branded hashtags, your business is able to track when users are sharing content related to your business or campaign. There are several successful, local hashtag campaigns that were created by local businesses here in […]

How to Get Killer Media Coverage: Tips from Bay News 9

Like many small businesses, we are always looking to gain media coverage for our brand and the brands we represent. Writing a press release and emailing a pitch to journalists may seem easy enough, but according to our friends from Bay News 9, your pitch can be improved by following a few additional guidelines.

How to Create the Perfect Social Media Post

Not all social media platforms are the same, so posting on social media is not the same across all platforms either. There are a few important steps that go into constructing the perfect social media post. These steps are important because they are allow you to maximize every aspect of the social media platform. Taking […]