How to Create a Business Facebook Page

While most of us have a personal Facebook profile (timeline), many people have never created a business Facebook Page and/or do not know the difference between the two. Facebook Pages are not people. They cannot have friends. Instead, people with Facebook profiles (timelines) can Like (follow) Facebook Pages in order to regularly see their posts in […]

Important Tips for Making Viral Videos

Within the last 30 days, the world witnessed Candace Payne (the Chewbacca Mom) become an Internet sensation because of a short video she recorded while trying on a Chewbacca mask she purchased at Kohl’s. In addition to Internet and TV exposure, the Chewbacca Mom also has earned almost $500,000 in gifts and scholarships for her […]

Even eBay Has Identity Problems

Most people think of as a huge website where you can buy anything under the blue sky. In fact, according to, eBay is the 7th largest website in the United States. But even a powerhouse like eBay comes to a point when things start to crumble a bit. The current success of Amazon […]

If You’re Not Tracking You’re Losing

If you want to truly understand your customers and be the absolute best in your industry, you need to track and keep track of as many data points, or pieces of information, within your business as possible. If you’re not, you really are losing out on information, customers, and worst of all, sales.

Kapok Marketing to Support Children’s Dream Fund

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Saint Petersburg, FL – Kapok Marketing (Kapok) has committed two Tampa Bay Lightning VIP Club Lexus Lounge tickets to the Gala Royale 2016 to help the Children’s Dream Fund. The dream-fulfilling Children’s Dream Fund helps children ages 3-18 with a life-threatening illness in West Central Florida experience their dream.

Why are Customers Always Right?

Gone are the days of mass-market advertising that appealed to homogenized tastes and offered few product choices. Companies now focus on the total customer experience. We not only want our customers/clients to be satisfied, but we also want them to be so satisfied that they always choose us over our competitors. This is when we […]